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Wellness Consultant Specializing in Chronic Illness and Pain

Are you tired of your chronic illness being dismissed?

There are answers.

You can feel better.

You don’t want more tests. You want answers. While multiple ‘specialists’ are doing their assessments, you’re left alone trying to navigate the complexities of the medical system, never knowing how all of the symptoms fit together.

You need someone that will evaluate the entire picture of your health. Someone who will take all the pieces of the puzzle and help you get to the root of what’s really going on. And then help you take the reins to heal and become your healthful-self. Healing is possible.

"She helped us so much..."

Be treated as a whole person

Not just one condition at a time

Get Answers

Nothing is isolated.
Everything about you affects your body. Together, we'll put together the whole you - physical, emotional and spiritual, so you can finally get the answers you deserve.

Have a Plan

"Take these pain pills" is the band aid which works for a season, but it's hardly a sustainable plan. You need to address your specific ailments that are impacting your healthful-self. Stop feeling like a victim, and start moving forward.

Begin Healing

You may feel helpless now, but we can make you feel better. Your illnesses can heal and you can reclaim your life. As we recover your healthful-self, you can finally begin your healing journey.

"Heather is beacon of light..."

Hi, I'm Heather

Hi, my name is Heather Richardson. I understand exactly what you’re going through, because your story is my story. For over 30 years I’ve battled chronic pain and illness that developed after surviving a major car accident. I’ve been through all the rigors of both traditional and homeopathic treatment. You name it, I’ve tried it. And almost none of it worked.

8 years ago, after a major health scare, I began dedicating my life to healing. I searched for the root cause of my chronic illnesses and pain, and began to pursue healing each of them, one by one. I lost over 150lbs, healed my high blood pressure, thyroid disease, GERD, vitamin deficiency and many of the side effects that these diseases offer. In the process I’ve learned from wellness experts and have been trained to help others find healing and reclaim their life.

I’ve already helped a slew of people find the root cause of their chronic illness and pain.

I’d be honored to do the same for you.

Feel Like You Again

here’s how it works

1. Schedule your free 15 min consultation

We’ll talk and I’ll listen to everything you’re dealing with. Then we can decide what the best next steps should be.

2. Create a custom healing plan

Together we will create a specific, action-oriented, plan to meet your healing goals. I’ll be there to guide you through each step, and help answer questions along the way.

3. Feel like you again

While everyone’s journey is unique, within a few weeks you should start to see progress. After 6 months to a year, you’ll start feeling like yourself again. And I’ll be there every step of the way to guide you on your healing journey.

You don't have to
face this alone.

Contact me, I am on your side.

It’s time to start living your life again!

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6 Simple Steps to Begin Your Healthful Journey Today

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6 Simple Steps to Begin Your Healthful Journey Today